12,000 local families to lose up to £1600 a year from cuts to Universal Credit

430835_148211001996623_1337599952_n-1.jpgTWELVE thousand local families will lose up to £1600 a year from cuts to the Government’s new Universal Credit benefit.

Local Labour MP Angela Rayner highlighted the losses in Parliament today, demanding full protection for existing and future claimants of Universal Credit.

Angela said her constituents in Ashton-under-Lyne would be the first to be hit by the cuts, because they were the first in the country to be put on Universal Credit.

More than 1300 local families will be hit in April, with 3,000 losing out next year and 12,000 families being hit by the time of the next General Election in 2020.

Angela said: “Some of the lowest paid working families in my constituency will be the first to pay the price for these deep cuts to Universal Credit.

“It is a ticking time-bomb for my constituents with a total of 12,000 families set to lose out, by up to £1600 a year, over the next four years.

“The House of Commons Library shows the cuts will mean a single mother of two from Ashton who is working full-time on the minimum wage will be hit even harder, losing £2,400 every year.

“And from April, cuts to the work allowance will also mean an annual reduction of £2,000 a year for local disabled people who are in work.”

Angela Rayner added: “Labour forced the Government into a u-turn over cuts to working tax credits, but now the lowest paid working people will be hit through the back door when they are transferred onto Universal Credit.

"I will fight hard to oppose these disgraceful cuts which will make the poor even worse off.”

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