£70 billion Tory cuts would take us back to the 1930's, warns Angela Rayner


TORY spending plans will mean £70 billion of cuts to public services and a return to the 1930's, Labour's Angela Rayner warned today. 

The £70 billion of spending cuts would lead to unprecedented cuts to vital public services not seen since the Great Depression.
The cuts would be so extreme that they would lead to the smallest police force since records began, the smallest army since Cromwell and 1 in every 3 old people losing their entitlement to social care. 
Angela Rayner said: "These cuts are unprecedented, extreme and would take us back to the 1930's Great Depression era.

"The NHS would be under threat as never before and people who rely on public services would have nowhere to turn for help.

"The Tories have an ideological hatred for public services and State intervention to help our hospital, schools and raise living standards - that's why they all they can offer is even more and more cuts.

"The cuts they plan for the next four years will be even worse than the last five years. They are obsessed with public spending and turning the clock back to the bad old days."

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