Angela backs campaign to Fix Dementia Care


ANGELA Rayner MP met actor Kevin Whately to show her support for the Alzheimer Society's 'Fix Dementia' campaign.

Kevin, star of TV's Inspector Morse, and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet has personal experience of dementia and is an Ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society.

Angela met him at the House of Commons during a session to raise awareness of dementia.

The Alzheimer's Society are campaigning for anyone with dementia to receive the highest standards of care, whether at home, in a care home or hospital.

Their 'Fix Dementia Campaign' was launched after a shock report about dangerous and inadequate care at hospitals throughout England. You can find out more here Fix Dementia Care 

Angela said:"This is a great campaign to raise standards of care for people with dementia. Often they are the forgotten ones who can be easily ignored because they cannot stand up for themselves.

"That's why it was great to meet Kevin Whately - it is people like him who are standing up for those with dementia and demanding better care."

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