Angela calls for Hunting Ban to stay


LABOUR'S Angela Rayner MP today called on the government to keep the hunting ban in place.

She made the call just before the hunts ride out on their biggest two days – Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

David Cameron has promised to bring the issue of hunting back to Parliament in the future, but the last time he tried he had to withdraw because he knew he would lose the vote.

MPs from all sides – including an increasing number of Conservatives – are opposed to the ban being lifted.

Angela said: "They know that fox hunting is simply wrong. It is impossible to comprehend why a very small number of people still want to torture animals in this way. There is no way a repeal would pass through the House of Commons now.

"Each year the polls show that more and more people are against this barbaric activity, both in rural and urban areas.

"People do not want to see fox hunting return, and we will continue to campaign to keep the Act in place."


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