Angela condemns private nursing home after shock inspector's report


ANGELA Rayner MP has today condemned a private care home after a damning report branded it “unsafe, uncaring and inadequate”.

Mrs Rayner said she had been shocked and appalled at the report by the Care Quality Commission which rated Darnton House Nursing Home in Ashton-under-Lyne ‘inadequate’ in every single category of service.

On the company website, the owners London and Manchester Healthcare Ltd, say: “Darnton House is designed to create an atmosphere of home, warmth and care; and whilst it functions as an exceptionally well-run nursing home with room for 96 guests, it does so in the context of surroundings which have the look and feel, décor and layout of an exceptionally comfortable and well-appointed five-star hotel.”

But inspectors, who carried out an unannounced visit in November, found nine separate breaches of the Health and Social Care Act 2008, including:

  • No registered manager
  • The service was not safe – people were being put at risk
  • People did not receive the care they needed, with no up to date staff training
  • The service was not always caring and had an institutional approach

The report says there had been "a significant number of concerns" about care in the service which amounted to “neglect”.

Medicines had not been given to residents for two days, others had the wrong dosage, one resident had fallen out of bed, another resident, who was breathless, was left with an empty inhaler, and there was also "unexplained bruising".

No-one is now being admitted to the home until the service is improved.

The inspection had been prompted by complaints from relatives, Tameside Council, ‘health service provision’ and staff. The top floor of the 3-storey building was being used to help 18 former hospital patients from Tameside General back into the community, in a joint project between the company and Tameside Hospital Foundation Trust.

The report found: “People’s health needs were not accurately assessed and risks such as poor nutrition were not always recognised. People’s care was not planned or delivered consistently. In some cases, this put people at risk…records regarding care delivery were not checked to ensure accuracy…leaving people at risk”

Mrs Rayner, Labour MP for Ashton-under-Lyne, said: “This place sounds more like Damnation House than Darnton House.

"It is utterly shocking to find such appalling standards in a glossy new building which opened less than 12 months ago. The website makes it look like Paradise, but the reality seems to be a lot different. Instead of five stars, it has got no stars from investigators.

“I can only congratulate the CQC for their uncompromising report, for placing Darnton House in special measures and insisting on improvements. What they found behind all the glossy photographs and purple prose, is dreadfully upsetting and worrying.

"I am still very concerned about the care being given to the 36 residents who are currently still living in this home.

“I am also concerned about the company’s relationship with the Tameside Hospital Trust and their joint provision of care for people leaving hospital and hoping to go back to their own homes in the community. This is a crucial area of care and questions now need to be answered about what was going on at Darnton House.”

The CQC full report can be found at

The Company's website is

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