Angela demands humanitarian action on refugee crisis


Angela Rayner MP is strongly backing a Commons motion which demands action to help thousands of refugees fleeing terror and persecution in the Middle East. 

The MP for Ashton-under-Lyne said she was "shocked and horrified" about the plight of refugees fleeing terror and "absolutely appalled" at this Government’s failure to act quickly and decisively.

Angela said: "David Cameron’s first response showed both his lack of leadership and his lack of humanity. Thankfully, public pressure has now forced him to finally re-think.

"Both Tameside and Oldham Councils have already stepped up to the plate and committed to taking a fair share of refugees, and community organisations are already rallying to help locally. 

"But I am concerned that the Government will not fund local authorities fairly and will rob Peter to pay Paul, by raiding the international aid budget. I don't think that is at all appropriate and the Government must set aside special funds to help meet the demands caused by this extraordinary crisis.

"In truth, I have little confidence that the Government’s measures are anything more than grudging and in direct response to the negative headlines. We shall all have to watch closely to ensure that throughout this crisis, refugees get the proper help and support they need from the British Government."

Angela added: "I believe that Britain has a moral duty to come to the aid of refugees who are fleeing the most horrific circumstances in parts of the Middle East and other places. We should welcome them to our country.

"This is not about immigration or economic migration – it is about showing common humanity to people who are fleeing for their lives. We cannot walk past on the other side – that is not the British way. It is part of our great British tradition that we reach out to oppressed people and offer them a welcoming open hand."

Angela has now signed an Early Day Motion tabled in the House of Commons by Daniel Zeichner, MP.

It reads as follows:

 “That this house…Is appalled at the humanitarian crisis unfolding on the doorstep of Europe and urges Her Majesty’s Government to honour and follow in the great traditions of the United Kingdom by accepting many more thousands of genuine and desperate refugees caused by the greatest displacement of people since world war two; notes that as part of the Vulnerable Person Relocation Scheme Germany has pledged to resettle 30,000 refugees  whilst the UK so far taken fewer than 200; further urges the Prime Minister and Home Secretary to rekindle the spirit of the Kinder-Transport and bring forward innovative ideas like a Voluntary National Homes Register for those citizens able and willing to accommodate the most vulnerable refugees; and finally commends the work of the many of thousands of people from all political persuasions across the country who share a desire to offer refuge and hope to those escaping great hardship, violence and terror from across the world”


Angela said: "I shall continue to speak up for refugees and welcome them to Britain where they can re-build their lives and play a positive part in the lives of our communities."

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