Angela Rayner backs Miliband's call for cuts in energy bills


Angela Rayner has today backed Ed Miliband's challenge to the Government to cut energy bills.

Speaking on BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Ed Miliband promised to force a vote on the issue this Wednesday.

The move underlines Labour’s determination to put living standards for working people at the centre of the General Election campaign.

Angela Rayner said: “We are serving notice on Wednesday that a Labour government will take strong action on the cost of living for working people.

“Millions of people have been ripped off by the big energy firms. In the last year, wholesale energy costs have fallen by between 9 per cent and 20 per cent but customers are paying more.

“Labour will freeze energy prices until 2017 and bring in a tough new regulator to stop the rip-offs in the future.

“On Wednesday the Tories will get the chance to help all those families who have been ripped off by the energy companies under this government.

“They can put their money where their mouth is."

Angela is asking local people in Ashton-under-Lyne to back the campaign, by signing her petition to freeze gas and electricity bills here

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