Angela steps up campaign for proper Living Wage in Ashton

logo.pngTHE campaign for a full Living Wage for workers in Ashton-under-Lyne is being stepped up by local MP, Angela Rayner.

She has organised a special conference for local businesses, following a successful round-table discussion last year.

Angela and Tameside Council leader Kieran Quinn are jointly hosting the conference at Dukinfield Town Hall, in King Street (SK16 4LA) on Friday, 12 February, between 10.00am-12 noon

The conference will host open discussions about both the difficulties and benefits for business of implementing the Living Wage of £8.25 an hour in Tameside.

Angela said: "Its important that local politicians and local businesses can develop a stronger understanding of implementing the Living Wage and build a more effective relationship to help grow the local economy and develop our workforce." 

Representatives of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and local businesses who have already implemented the Living Wage, will be amongst the people involved.

Also attending will be senior representatives of Tameside Council to talk about the help the local authority can provide to businesses, as well as representatives from New Charter, IKEA, Ashton Pioneer Homes, MIND, CVAT and local trade unions.

The Living Wage of £8.25 has resulted in a pay rise for thousands of the lowest-paid workers across Greater Manchester.  It is a voluntary rate that is set annually by the Living Wage Foundation and is separate from the Government’s “National Living Wage” of £7.20 an hour which is due to be implemented this April. 

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