Angela supports improved services for deaf children


Angela Rayner, MP for Ashton-under-Lyne, is backing the National Deaf Children’s Society’s (NDCS) bid to improve services for deaf children.

Mrs Rayner met deaf teenager, Bethany, at this year’s Labour party conference, where they discussed the need to get the right support in place to ensure deaf children don’t fall behind their hearing peers.

NDCS is calling on the Government to:

  • introduce mandatory standards for audiology services, a third of which are failing to provide an adequate service
  • and introduce Ofsted inspections for local education services for deaf children, in a bid to drive up standards.

Angela Rayner MP said: “There is absolutely no reason why deaf children should not fulfil their potential and achieve just as much as their hearing peers.

"To make this happen, we need first rate audiology services and the best quality education support for deaf children throughout their childhood.

"NDCS has set out some simple steps for making this happen and I am pleased to offer my support.”

Bethany, a member of the NDCS Youth Advisory Board, said:n “It has been really useful to come along today and meet Angela Rayner.

"I personally have found lack of deaf awareness a problem when trying to arrange audiology appointments.

"My audiology service is constantly leaving messages, but I can’t hear on my family’s landline phone. I’m also concerned that, without proper Ofsted inspection, families with a deaf child – like my family – have no way of knowing if their specialist education support is up to standard.

"It was great to discuss these issues with MPs, who have the power to make a difference.”

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