Angela welcomes Labour's 1st General Election pledge


A FUTURE Labour Government will balance Britain's books without cutting NHS spending to 1930's levels.

Angela Rayner has welcomed the commitment which will appear on the party's pledge card to voters at next May's General Election.

She has praised Labour's commitment to never go down the Tory road to take Britain back to 1930's public spending levels which existed before the NHS was founded by Labour.

David Cameron is already planning to cut spending even more, putting public services and investment at risk. This would shrink the state to just 35 per cent - the same as during the 1930's slump.

Labour says the deficit can only be reduced by tackling the cost-of-living crisis, low wages, insecure jobs, housing shortages and social failure.

Angela said: "Cutting spending to 35 per cent of national income would lead to disintegrating public services and a permanent cost-of-living crisis because we won’t be investing in the skills needed for good jobs and a healthy economy.

"Labour in government will protect working people by ensuring the richest bear the greatest burden.

"That's why I welcome our first pledge - to balance the books by tackling the rising cost of living and protecting our precious NHS.

"We won't follow the Tories in their ideological race to the bottom with more cuts, falling living standards and making the poorest people and our already depleted public services pay for the deficit.

"With Labour, the richest will pay their fair share to get our economy back on its feet. And we will protect our NHS."

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