Angela wins victory for local mum's campaign for safety straps on shopping trolleys


Ashton MP Angela Rayner has forced a supermarket to fit child restraints to all its shopping trolleys after a campaign by a local mum.

Mother of three Jodie Shawcross was shocked when her toddler Stanley stood up in the trolley while she was shopping with him at her local Aldi store in Ashton-under-Lyne.

She said: “There were no restraints to keep him sat down and he could have fallen out head-first if I had taken my eye off him. I was really shocked.”

Jodie, of St Albans Avenue, wrote to Aldi asking for safety straps to be made available. But the company refused her plea, so she started an online campaign on Facebook and a petition at

She was contacted by dozens of other worried mums whose children had fallen from the trolleys, some sustaining head injuries.

Jodie, aged 33, said: “Quite a number had fallen out, a couple had banged their heads and had to go to hospital for check-ups. It was lucky that none had been seriously injured.

“I was very disappointed by Aldi’s response when I wrote to them. They said their trolleys conformed with all safety legislation and quite rudely brushed me off. They just weren’t interested in doing anything, even though all the other supermarkets have safety straps for their trolleys.
"I started the campaign because I didn’t want it to happen to any other mums and their children, but it was hard going and I was beginning to give up. Angela Rayner was my last port of call.”

The MP took up Jodie’s campaign and has now won a promise from the company that safety straps will be fitted on all their shopping trolleys at their stores all over the country within months.

Angela said: “I was surprised that Aldi didn’t listen seriously to Jodie because she was genuinely concerned for the safety of children in their stores. Asking for safety straps on trolleys was a very reasonable request.

“But I am very relieved that they have now had a re-think and have finally said ‘yes’. It shows what us mums can achieve!”

Jodie added: “It means children will be a lot safer now and I am very grateful to Angela for all her support  - I know she cares a lot about children. She has done a great job.”

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