Calling time on nuisance phone calls


I AM fed up of getting nuisance phone calls (and texts) from marketing companies.

They try to sell me everything from double glazing, to pensions, insurance, insulation and new fascia boards (if I knew what they were, I would still not want them).

The Government needs to call time on nuisance calls and texts by introducing legislation to hold company bosses to account for the actions of their business.

I also want the Government to make Caller Line Identification (CLI) mandatory for all marketing calls - so you can tell who is ringing you.

Being bombarded with nuisance calls and texts is a huge issue for many people, particularly vulnerable old people for whom the phone is a lifeline.

Which? found that eight out of ten people said cold calls were an annoying interruption to their daily lives, whilst one third say they have felt intimidated by them! More than half said that they had been discouraged from picking up their landline phone when it rings because of cold calls.

Introducing legislation to make senior executives more responsible for the actions of their company would make it more difficult for individuals to keep setting up rogue companies under a new name.

Which? also wants the Government to introduce mandatory Caller Line Identification (CLI) for all marketing calls. CLI is a key piece of information which we need to report an unwanted caller or to contact the company and ask to be removed from their database.

People need better control of their personal data so they can make a decision about whether they want to be contacted.

Consumers are often targeted with nuisance calls because at some point they ‘ticked the box’ giving consent to companies not only to contact them by phone but also to pass on their personal data to third parties.

The Government must tighten the rules around how our data is collected, used and traded.

The right balance should be struck between enabling decent businesses to carry out direct marketing when consumers have given their consent for their personal data to be used, and preventing the abuse of their privacy by unscrupulous businesses.

Then we might all get a bit of peace.

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