Campaign against Tory cuts to tax credits must go on, says Angela


THE campaign against Tory cuts to tax credits which will hit thousands of families in Ashton-under-Lyne must go on, says Angela Rayner MP.

She said: "Defeating the Tories over tax credits was a real victory for more than 8,000 working families in Ashton, Droyslden and Failsworth and for millions more throughout the country who stood to lose an average £1300 each a year.

cleaner.jpg"This was a cut too far - punishing people who are working damn hard to provide for their families.

"It was unfair, would have hit more than 10,000 children in my constituency and was a vindictive attack on some of the poorest working people in our community.

"It gave the lie to the ridiculous Tory claim to be the party of working people.

"After this defeat, George Osborne must now come back and tell us exactly how he plans to minimise the impact on all these families.

"Let us hope he has learned his lesson - we will be watching him very closely and it better be good.

"Meanwhile my campaign against the cuts to Tax Credits will continue - we have won Round 1 of the battle and we must keep up the pressure. "

You can sign the petition against Tory cuts to tax credits here


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