Spend, spend, spend! Empty Tory promises won't con people in Ashton-under-Lyne


EMPTY Tory election promises wont fool the people of Ashton-under-Lyne, says Labour's Angela Rayner.

She has accused Prime Minister David Cameron of 'scattering empty promises like confetti' in a desperate attempt to win on May 7th.

Angela told supporters:"The Tories expensive promises are worthless - Cameron is making them up as he goes along, because he is panicking that his days as PM are drawing to a close.

"He cannot tell us where the money is coming from to spend £8 billion on the NHS, to sell-off social housing, to give a £1 billion handout in inheritance tax to the richest people, to cut rail fares, or to fund childcare.

"In total, they have made an astonishing £25 billion worth of promises - without explaining where a single penny of it is going to come from.

"There is a huge black hole at the heart of their manifesto. It is a con-trick.  

"Nor will Cameron tell people where the looming £12billion cuts in welfare will fall and which vulnerable people will be hit hardest by their extreme cuts.

"The Tory manifesto is packed with promises which simply don't stack up. Their sell-off of social housing is especially bad news for the thousands of people in Ashton who are desperate for a home of their own.

"What we need are more houses - not selling off the homes we already have, at taxpayers expense.

"And the Tories still won't say where their promised £12 billion is coming from for our health service."

She added: "People in Ashton-under-Lyne won't be fooled by these profligate promises, made up on the back of a fag packet.

"After five years of austerity and extreme cuts in public services the Tories are now saying there is suddenly plenty of money left in the till. Yet they still haven't cut the deficit. 

"No-one will believe them now when they promise 'jam tomorrow'.  It's spend, spend, spend - when they are already massively overdrawn."

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