Labour Party must unite behind new Leader, says Angela


Angela Rayner MP has called for the Labour Party to rally around its new leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

She says the Party, inside and outside Parliament, must now focus on exposing Tory policies and building its support for the 2020 General Election.

Angela, MP for Ashton-under-Lyne, was speaking after Mr Corbyn won the support of members, affiliates and registered £3 supporters by an overwhelming majority on the first ballot in the Labour leadership contest.

She said: "The contest is now over and Jeremy has emerged as the clear winner, with support right across the Party.

"It is time now to put any differences aside and get behind our new Leader so that we can focus all our energies on getting rid of this Tory Government and building support for Labour in local council elections and in the London Mayor election, where Sadiq Khan will be our standard bearer.

tom-watson-2_2608964b.jpg"We face an uphill task, which is why it falls on every member and supporter of the Labour Party to get behind our new leadership team of Jeremy and Tom Watson, as his deputy. Unity will be our strength.

"I will be giving Jeremy and Tom my full support and I expect the same from our members and supporters. The fight is not within Labour, but with this terrible Tory government, who are intent on dismantling our Welfare State and attacking working people. "

She added: "I would like to pay tribute to the energy, commitment and passion that Andy Burnham showed throughout the campaign. Andy was my first choice as Leader and I expect him to play a major role in Jeremy's soon-to-be announced Shadow Cabinet.

"We now all need to get on with exposing the Tories as Public Enemy Number 1, as a united Party determined to win for the people we represent.

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