Labour to guarantee an apprenticeship to every school leaver - not 'no pay' slavery with the Tories


A LABOUR government will guarantee an apprenticeship to every school leaver who gets the right exam grades.

In stark contrast, David Cameron today announced that, under the Tories, unemployed young people would have to do unpaid work.

Labour's aim is instead to create 80,000 new high quality apprenticeships by the end of the next parliament.

Private companies who win public sector contracts will also have to guarantee apprenticeships as part of the contract.

A new fast-stream apprenticeship scheme will be set up in the civil service and employers will be given a greater say and control over the government’s £1bn apprenticeship budget.

Labour wants as many school leavers to become apprentices as go to university.

The Tories want them to work for nothing.

With Labour, firms vying for government contracts will have to promise to take on apprentices in return for getting public money.

Angela Rayner, Labour's prospective parliamentary candidate for Ashton-under-Lyne, said: "The Tories offer our young people modern day slavery. Labour offers a proper start in working life and a decent future.

"Right now, just one in 10 employers in England offers an apprenticeship - six times fewer than Germany.

"We must do better. That means the public sector creating thousands of apprenticeships and every firm that wins a major government contract required to deliver apprenticeships.

"With a Labour government, if you get the grades at 18 you will be guaranteed an apprenticeship. Not a dead-end on no pay, where young people are treated like serfs under the Tories.

"Labour will make a real difference to young people in my constituency."

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