Labour will stand up for Tameside and Oldham


These local elections are a chance to vote for a Labour Party that will stand up for you in Tameside and Oldham.

Labour is the only alternative to a Tory Government which is destroying the public services we rely on.

The Tories won’t stand up for working people. They would rather cut benefits for people in work while giving millionaires a huge tax hand out.

Their failure to invest for the country's future is putting our economy at risk.

The public services we rely on are being destroyed by deep Tory cuts, with thousands of Police officers being axed and patients in our NHS facing longer waits for treatment.

Labour locally will stand up for working people in Tameside and Oldham. We want a local economy which works for all – with decent pay and secure jobs. 

We will stand up against unfair Tory cuts and protect our vital public services. We will protect neighbourhood policing and oppose the deep Tory cuts to the Police. And we will invest in the NHS to rescue it from Tory neglect, joining up services from home to hospital.

Vote Labour this May: we will stand up for you.


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