Local jobs at risk in another Tata sell-off

ASHTON MP Angela Rayner has asked the government to intervene over another Tata sell-off which has put 800 jobs, including some in Manchester, at risk.

She has asked the Business Secretary Sajid Javid MP to raise with Tata the planned outsourcing of up to 800 jobs from British Airways, including those at the company’s Contact Centre in Wilmslow Road, Didsbury.

BA is set to transfer the jobs to India, after Tata Consultancy Services won the IT contract.

The decision by BA to outsource IT jobs to India has raised fears that hundreds of staff – including those who helped solve a major security crash last summer – could now be laid off.

Angela Rayner MP for Ashton-under-Lyne, asked the Business Secretary in the House of Commons today:

“In his discussions with Tata, might he also have time to raise their involvement in the out-sourcing of up to 800 jobs from British Airways, including their centre in South Manchester? As the Daily Telegraph revealed last week, this is another example where their actions threaten our national security along with our jobs, so will the government step in to protect both?”

Angela said: “Tata is costing British jobs in both the steel industry and now in my own back yard in Manchester.

“Some of these jobs are vital to our national security. Loyal BA technicians restarted vital IT systems after eBorders twice crashed last summer. Without them, our country’s borders could have been left open to terrorists and criminals.

“Now those same loyal staff are being rewarded with their jobs being sold off to India, simply in order to bump up BA’s profits. It’s disgusting.

“The Government must step in to save these British jobs, both at British Steel and in Manchester, especially when our own national security is at risk as a direct result.

“It would be wrong to endanger our country’s defences by leaving it in the hands of people on the other side of the world, who won’t necessarily be able to step in if there is a future crisis.”

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