MP Angela is still running - and winning!


ASHTON Labour MP Angela Rayner continued running after her election victory on Friday morning - to raise money for a premature babies charity.

11010565_1077731702255988_2651048624562155500_n.jpgWithin two days of spending 36 hours without sleep during the election count on Thursday/Friday, Angela pulled on her trainers and set off in the Manchester 10K run today (Sunday).

She was running to raise funds for a local charity in Ashton - a group of mums (above) who knit tiny clothes for premature babies born at Manchester's St Mary's hospital.

The cause is dear to Angela's heart - her son Charlie (pictured right) was born premature at St Mary's and she still treasures the tiny clothes that were provided for him.

Angela said: "Charlie was born at just 23 weeks gestation and weighed only 455g.

"He spent 6 months in the neo-natal unit at St Mary's.

"Nurses use the hats that these volunteers knit to help keep premature babies warm and to secure their ventilator tubes. The tiny knitted clothing they provide makes a huge difference to whether the babies live or die.  

"I remember how when Charlie was in hospital, the nurses changed his clothes every other day. I used to sleep with them at my side because they smelt of Charlie. It was my only way of being close to him especially when he was so small and poorly.

"I still have his memory box with these little hats and knitted cardigans that the volunteers made for him."

She added: "I really wanted to run in the 10K, even though I was absolutely knackered after the election, because I had promised to help raise more funds for them, so they can continue helping save little babies lives.

"I really enjoyed the run though, managed the course in a reasonably respectable time - and it was great to meet up with some of the volunteers who cheered me on."

  • If you would like to support the charity, you can sponsor Angela by sending cheques to Neotnatal Knitters, 29 Booth Street, Ashton under Lyne, OL6 7LB 


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