No hiding place for tax dodgers with Labour, says Angela


THERE will be 'no hiding place' for millionaire tax dodgers under a Labour government, says Angela Rayner.

The would-be MP has welcomed Labour's plans to clampdown on overseas havens where tax dodgers have squirreled away billions of pounds from the revenue.

A future Labour government has warned that it will blacklist overseas tax havens which refuse to open up their books.

Angela said: "“Billions of pounds are being siphoned off into tax havens where the authorities cannot discover who owns these firms, let alone the full scale of the billions hidden away. 

"Open registers in Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies would help stem tax avoidance by showing the tax authorities who is diverting money into companies in these havens and where the money of UK taxpayers is going.

"At the moment, they can’t even check whether someone has set up a company in the tax havens, let alone whether any money is being diverted into that company."

Angela, Labour's Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Ashton-under-Lyne, also welcomed a pledge by Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls to crackdown on bankers bonuses, by extending the period at which they can be 'clawed back' to a full 10 years.

It means that bankers who are guilty of misconduct would have to pay back bonuses received up to 10 years ago.

Labour said it would also introduce a one-off tax on bankers' bonuses to help young people who have been out of work for 12 months or more.

Angela said: "These measures show what we mean when we promise a fairer deal for working people. 

"Its wrong that hard-working families pay their tax, while billionaires get away with tax dodging.

"The billions of pounds which we are owed can be used to save our public services from even more cuts and help get our economy growing and creating decent jobs."

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