One million people set to lose their votes




Angela Rayner, Labour MP for Ashton-under-Lyne constituency, responding to the news that changes in the electoral registration system mean around one million people will lose their votes, said: 

"The Tory government have rushed through changes to the electoral registration system, and now around one million people are set to lose their votes.


"The people of Greater Manchester have a proud history of fighting for the right to vote, from Peterloo to the Suffragettes.


"More recently young people in my constituency are fighting for the right to vote at 16, a campaign that I support. The government’s proposals are a retrograde step, restricting the franchise throughout our communities.


"There are major local elections here in both Tameside and Oldham next year.


"And soon we have a big choice to make about whether Britain stays in the EU. But if people aren’t on the electoral register, they will not be able to vote and have their say. They could even face an £80 fine and find it harder to get a credit card or a mobile phone contract. “


It is important that everyone in Tameside and Oldham registers to vote. It’s quick and easy - you can register in just three minutes by going to


  • The new Individual Elector Registration system means that around three-to-five per cent of the pre-IER electoral register will be removed from the register this December. This could amount to around one million people.

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