Osborne's climbdown on cuts to tax credits 'biggest since Hillary left Everest'.


Angela Rayner MP has welcomed George Osborne’s u-turn on cuts to tax credits – but warned that looming cuts to local services will hit the most vulnerable.

She said the Chancellor’s u-turn after months of opposition, was the biggest climbdown ‘since Sir Edmund Hilary left Everest.’


She said:” Thousands of families in Ashton-under-Lyne will be relieved that common sense has prevailed and George Osborne has abandoned his ill-thought out plans in the face of united opposition from all sides.


“But he caused needless worry and anxiety for people about how they were going to make ends meet. He should apologise for that. And we must be on our guard to ensure that he doesn’t smuggle the same cuts through as part of the introduction of Universal Credit.”


Angela, MP for Ashton-under-Lyne, warned that  a five year freeze in local government spending – it will remain at its current level until 2020 – will ‘decimate services and destroy jobs.”


She said: Tameside Council and Oldham Council have already been forced to make horrendous cuts during the last five years, with their budgets cut by almost half.


“Freezing spending on local services for another five years is a savage blow, which will destroy tens of thousands of jobs and mean the most vulnerable people who rely on council services will be left to fend for themselves.


“This is the Tory way – it is a cynical attempt to reduce the welfare state and public services, with no thought for the consequences.


“Giving local councils total responsibility for providing social care in local communities shirks the Government’s responsibility to the most vulnerable people and is a deliberate attempt to shift the blame for failures onto the shoulders of local councils rather than Central Government.


“I do now fear for our elderly, sick and disabled people who rely on social care at home and in the community, if local councils are going to be denied the huge extra money they need to make it work.”  


“And it now turns out that the Northern Powerhouse is fast becoming the Northern PowerCut, because he has given us nothing to help us here in Greater Manchester to create the vibrant, dynamic, go-ahead region that we all want. “


Angela Rayner added: “Listening to George Osborne in the House of Commons is like listening to a strange being from another planet with his talk of rising living standards and improving public services. As a Cheshire millionaire, he is a million light years away from the harsh reality that many people in my constituency are now facing.”

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