Osborne's 'sleight of hand' Budget makes working families worse off


Labour's Angela Rayner has attacked the Chancellor's Tory Budget for punishing working families in Ashton-under-Lyne.

George Osborne announced that working tax credits and housing benefit would be scrapped for families with more than two children.

The move will hit almost a million working families in Britain, according to experts - 22.4% of families with children in receipt of tax credits (898,600) have more than two children.

Angela Rayner said:"This is a nasty Tory attack on families in low paid jobs - it means thousands of my constituents, with more than two children, who go out to work, but rely on working tax credits, will be worse off.

"His National Living Wage is also short-changing people - he is introducing it at £7.20 per hour next summer, when its already set at £7.85 now.

"Its typical Tory sleight of hand, which fools no-one."

Mrs Rayner also attacked the scrapping of student maintenance grants which will hit thousands of local young people.

She added: "Its the same old Tories, punishing the poorest people who go out to work and try to provide for their families and young people who are trying to get on in life. So much for aspiration!"

Mrs Rayner said she was appalled that Mr Osborne had not given the go-ahead for the electrification of the trans-pennine rail line from Manchester to Leeds, which would create thousands of new jobs and alleviate the misery experienced by commuters.

She said:"His Northern Powerhouse is all-spin and no substance."

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