STOP the Tory tax credit cut

  • Labour has launched a campaign to call on David Cameron to stop the tax credit cut. You can sign the petition at


TORY cuts to tax credits will leave thousands of working families in Ashton-under-Lyne up to £1,300 a year worse off.

There are 8,300 families receiving tax credits in the constituency, of which 6,700 are in work and depend on tax credits to top up their wages. 

They are low-paid workers doing vital jobs like cooking, cleaning and caring. Yet under George Osborne's cuts, these low earners will lose on average between £690 and £1,340 a year.

Even worse, Tory cuts will hit the 10,200 children who are in households in Ashton-under-Lyne whose parents receive tax credits.

Labour MP Angela Rayner now fears many of these children will be forced to go without as a result of Osborne's cuts.

She said: "The Tories are breaking their promise to stand up for working people. Thousands of local families will be hit by this cut to tax credits.

"Instead of helping working people, the Tories are pushing through changes which will hit working families in the pocket. There is a real risk that children will suffer directly as a result of these cuts."

Angela added: "The respected Institute for Fiscal Studies says that these cuts will not be matched by the introduction of the so-called national living wage. It won't make up for the money they are losing - sly Osborne gives a little with one hand, but takes a lot more with the other. 

"I know from my own experience as a working single mum the difference working tax credits can make when your wages are low. Now Osborne is kicking away that support from people who get up early in the morning or clock on late at night to keep our economy going. These people aren't shirkers or shivers, they are hard working people doing their best for their families - now Osborne is kicking that little bit of support away."

  • Tax credits were brought in by the last Labour government to help working families, not as a substitute for work but as a way of supporting low-income families to pay their way. Under that government we witnessed the single biggest drop in child poverty in our nation’s history. The introduction of tax credits played a key role in this and like our increased funding for the NHS and building of hundreds of new schools, it needs defending.

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