Talking therapies within 28 days with Labour

PEOPLE with mental health problems will have access to talking therapies within 28 days under a new Labour Government.

depressed-patient-20131021103413414.jpgThat's the message from Angela Rayner, as the Party makes tackling mental health a key priority.

Labour already won the vote in Parliament to introduce ‘parity of esteem’ between mental and physical health.

It is critical that people in crisis get the help and support they need regardless of where they turn to for help, whether it’s health services, the police, social care or community organisations. 

Angela said: "Mental health services are under increasing pressure under the Tories, with the budget falling for the first time in a decade.

"The few mental health wards which exist are running over capacity and there are hundreds fewer mental health doctors and thousands fewer mental health nurses.

"Children and young people’s mental health services have been stripped back too, at the same time as £3 billion has been wasted on a damaging top-down NHS reorganisation.

"As a result, more young people are being placed on adult wards, with many being sent hundreds of miles from home because of bed shortages."

Angela promised: "Labour will put prevention and early intervention at the heart of our approach. We will ensure the training of doctors, nurses and all professional staff in the NHS includes mental health, so that front-line staff can spot problems and link people up with the right support. And we will ensure that mental health is included in teacher training too.

"For the first time ever, Labour will create a new right to talking therapies in the NHS Constitution.

"We will focus on speeding up access to talking therapies, working towards the goal that the vast majority of people who need support are seen with 28 days.

"And we will work to ensure health and care services are integrated, with mental health at the heart of the future NHS. "

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