Tories fail to tell us where £12billion cuts will hit


LABOUR MP Angela Rayner has challenged the Government to 'come clean' over where its £12 billion welfare cuts will hit.

She made the demand after today’s Queen’s Speech failed to reveal how the Government will implement its massive reductions in public spending.

Angela, MP for Ashton-under-Lyne, said: “After all the pomp and hullabaloo in Westminster today, people in my constituency are still waiting to find out about the planned cuts in benefits for families and children, including child benefit, housing assistance, and disability allowances for the most vulnerable people.

“Tameside and Oldham councils have already lost more than half of their budgets in the last five years and now face even more swingeing cuts to the services that the public rely on.

“The axe is going to fall on the poorest, most vulnerable people, yet the Government is keeping schtum about it all.

“After failing to talk about the cuts in the General Election campaign, they are still keeping their plans hidden from the British people. It is disgraceful.”

8737181234_3fac28af34_b.jpgAngela also condemned plans to sell off social housing as waiting lists lengthen.

She said: “The Tories seem to think that they can create more housing for people by selling it off!

“They have no answer to the housing crisis and the increasing demand from young people who are desperately trying to get on the housing ladder with a place of their own.”

Angela said the Government's demand that more than half of a union’s members must vote in order for a strike ballot to be valid, and at least 40% of those entitled to vote must be in favour of a strike were "anti-democratic".

"This is the first time in British history that such a hurdle has been placed on democracy. No-one else has to have a 50 per cent turnout - it is a spiteful, divisive attack on trade union members which we must fight."

Angela welcomed a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

She said:”I hope this means that we will have a referendum within the next year, so that we can settle this question once and for all with a huge ‘Yes’ vote to staying in Europe.

“Business needs this damaging uncertainty removed as quickly as possible, so that the threat to jobs and living standards by withdrawal from Europe can finally be consigned to the dustbin and we can get on with creating decent, well paid jobs for people."

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