Tory chaos over education plans for more grammars


TORY plans for more new grammar schools have been thrown into chaos today after they scrapped their new Education Bill.

Just a few weeks ago they talked about how they would be bringing forward legislation for new grammars this Autumn , briefing that they would do this in the Education for All Bill.

Today that Bill has been scrapped after an outcry over their unfair plans, led by Labour. However they try to package it up, that’s a u-turn.

But Labour's campaign against new grammars MUST continue, because it looks like the Tories will try to force them through the back door, without proper Parliamentary scrutiny. 

If they are now saying that they’ll try and push through this discredited policy by the backdoor in some other way then they are in a bigger mess than we thought.

They should immediately put an end to this shambles, hold up their hands and admit they got it wrong and focus on creating a plan to fix the mess they’ve made in our schools.

· The Government has today announced that it is scrapping the Education for All Bill.

· This means that it will not be using it as a vehicle for making changes on the grammar schools, in effect backing away from their much hyped plans.

Bringing back selection in the form of grammar schools requires a change in the law and the Government briefed that this was likely to come in the form of “a clause tacked on to the Education for All Bill or similar”.

Some Tory backbenchers have already expressed opposition.

But the Times Educational Supplement quoted a "well-placed source" who said that any change in the law will come in the shape of a clause so as to limit the chances of it being defeated.

“Downing Street wouldn’t be stupid enough to introduce a new grammar school bill,” the source said. “It will be a clause tacked on to the Education for All Bill or similar.

“MPs will not be able to vote on it on a line by line basis, meaning that Tory MPs against selection would either have to vote against an entire government bill or abstain. No 10 is likely to come down hard on anyone who votes against such a bill.”

But the campaign against new grammar schools must now be stepped up a gear, with the Tories on the back foot and confusion at the heart of government.

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