Warm words from the Tories won't help people in Ashton-under-Lyne


People in Ashton-under-Lyne need a government that can deliver real change for working people - not warm words from the Tories. 

We need a Government that can stand up for Britain, build a strong economy, create good homes and good jobs, and defend our NHS and public services.

But Theresa May cannot give Britain the change we need. For the last six years she has been at the heart of a Tory Government which has failed working people. 

This should have been the conference where Theresa May outlined a detailed plan to secure British jobs and prosperity in the face of Brexit.

But for all her cheap talk of ‘fairness’ and ‘opportunity’, all we have seen from the Tories this week is extreme right-wing policies and a drive into a ‘hard Brexit’ that risks our jobs and growth.

People in my constituency deserve answers on what Brexit will mean for their jobs and rights at work. But the Tories still have no answers. They have no idea of how to deliver it, no plan for protecting our economy, and no plan to fix their broken promises.

The Tories offer no change on the economy. They may have abandoned their discredited surplus target, but they are still committed to deep, damaging cuts that will continue to hurt working people, through slower growth, poorer services and rising inequality.

​Nor do they have any answers on education. Rather than dealing with chronic teacher shortages, falling school budgets and the lack of good school places, Theresa May is taking us back to the bad old days with grammar schools. 

And despite their warm words, they offer no change on the NHS, just more of the same policies which are plunging the health service into crisis. Under the Tories, patients are waiting longer for care, and hospitals are overcrowded, understaffed and facing financial crisis.

Only a Labour Government will deliver the real change working people need. We will invest in the housing and infrastructure Britain needs, and develop a proper industrial strategy to secure good jobs and growth. As Britain leaves the EU, we will stand up for the benefits and investment that our EU membership currently provides.

A Labour Government will tackle the Tory housing crisis, by building over a million new homes over five years. We will stand up for the NHS, by providing the money it needs and joining up services in a properly integrated health and social care service. And we will focus on what matters most in education – good teachers in good schools – and reintroduce an Education Maintenance Allowance and maintenance grants for students from low and middle income backgrounds. 

Working people in Ashton-underLyne deserve better than more Tory failure with no answers and no change – only a Labour Government will stand up for them and their families.

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