Why I am backing the #PeoplesPost campaign

cwu__1436197280_620x349.jpgI am backing the #PeoplesPost campaign because I believe in public services.

The Government's sell-off of half of our remaining stake in Royal Mail was not even mentioned in the Tory manifesto or its election campaign.

They have no mandate for further privatisation.

The shares were sold overnight to ‘preferred bidders’ – i.e. big city investors.

Daily post deliveries now face their biggest ever threat - Whistl could not find backers for a three-day service and hundreds of jobs have been lost as a result.

The public will suffer with a natural monopoly now in the clutches of private hands.

Jobs and employment standards will come under increasing pressure.

And the Government cannot explain why the public, who owned Royal Mail in the first place, should lose their voice in the Royal Mail.

Find out more here : http://www.cwu.org/peoplespost.html

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