Working families pay the price for austerity

Money-coins-cash.jpgThe following statement has been issued by Angela Rayner, MP after the Commons vote on the Welfare Bill.

Angela Rayner MP said: “I was unable to vote on the Government’s Welfare Bill because I was out of the country on official Parliamentary business. My absence was notified and approved.

"However, if I had been present, I would have voted against the Welfare Bill.

“I cannot agree with the limit on two children for working tax credits. As a mum of three children, who once relied on tax credits, I think it is wholly unfair to punish the children of working parents in this way. George Osborne is making working families pay the price for austerity.

“Even though the two-child cap on paying working tax credits only applies to future claimants, it still smacks of social engineering. It is thoroughly objectionable, nasty and distasteful. It will hit people who are in low-paid work and are trying to provide for themselves and their families.

“I would have reluctantly been forced to vote against the Welfare Bill, even though I welcome the rise in the minimum wage and the levy on employers to take on more apprentices.”

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